Watch Solange strut in ‘Locked in Closets’ mini-music video

05.10.13 6 years ago

Don’t worry. This is not to sell you the same liquor Solange was hired to sell you.

This is about selling Solange.

The singer’s “True” EP dropped in November, as a little taste-tease for a full-length that’s supposed to be due out some time this spring.

And this video for “Locked in Closets” is a little taste-tease for it. The other Knowles is seen strutting in in her newly adoptive home-base Brooklyn, at bodegas and salons, subway stops and the dance floor. I know that I lived in New York too long because I’m thinking, “Someone had to do serious neighborhood association battle to paint their brownstone building that shade of pink.”

“True” was produced by Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) and released by Terrible Records, a label co-founded by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. No word yet on when to expect Solange’s third full-length.

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