‘Sons of Anarchy’ gets an online aftershow

08.26.13 6 years ago

“Sons of Anarchy” gets an online aftershow
FX has picked up three episodes of “Anarchy Afterword,” which will air online with host Chris Franjola and guest Kurt Sutter.

Jay Baruchel sells semi-autobiographical comedy to ABC
The “Undeclared” alum won’t star in a comedy about a Hollywood actor who trades his fame to move to Vermont and live near his mom and with his best friends.

CBS is remaking “Love, American Style”

The 1970s comedy anthology series is coming back without the anthology component.

Being outraged at the VMAs: “One of our nation’s more embarrassing traditions”
If Miley Cyrus did what she did last night on another show, there wouldn’t be that much outrage, says Amanda Marcotte. “It’s easy to understand why” there’s outrage, she says. “It’s August, people are bored, and getting all bent out of shape about nothing is a way to pass the time. But it has to stop! If you look back at some previous VMA scandals, you’ll see how dumb they always are in retrospect.” PLUS: Parents TV Council blasts VMAs as “unacceptable,” and Kelly Clarkson describes VMAs as “#pitchystrippers.”

“Breaking Bad’s” epiphany, explained

How it was all figured out.

Kate Gosselin sues Jon Gosselin

The former TLC star is accusing her ex-husband of spying on her via wiretapping, hacking her computers and identity theft. The suit is for millions of dollars.

New “Doctor Who” Peter Capaldi likely won’t change his Scottish accent
Steven Moffat says he expects Capaldi to retain his accent, like previous Scottish “Who” Sylvester McCoy.

OneRepublic’s Ryan Teder joins “The Voice”
He’ll advise Adam Levine’s team.

Watch Kevin Spacey’s speech urging TV execs to change
“If you are watching a film on your television, is it no longer a film because you’re not watching it in the theater?” he said at the Edinburgh TV Festival. “If you watch a TV show on your iPad is it no longer a TV show? The device and length are irrelevant.”

“American Horror Story” releases its 4th teaser
Titled “Stakes.”

See a preview of “The Young & the Restless'” tribute to Jeanne Cooper
Featuring her real-life son, Corbin Bernsen.

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