Sorry y’all, the only logical death for ‘The Walking Dead’ finale is Daryl

After several weeks of outstanding episodes, The Walking Dead fumbled at the finish with “Twice As Far.” You can read HitFix”s own Alan Sepinwall”s take over here or listen to me and Roth Cornet discuss some of the issues in the video above. Or you can read this handy summary:

The show is barreling towards the introduction to Negan and in the process of setting all the players up in their starting places, the writers on The Walking Dead forgot everything needs to make sense.


Between the comic book and the foreshadowing on the show itself, it”s safe to say someone in The Group is getting a taste of Lucille in the season finale of The Walking Dead. For those of you not in the know – yet somehow still reading this far – Lucille is the name Negan has bequeathed his baseball bat. He uses Lucille to beat in the heads of those unfortunate enough to draw his ire. Some of Lucille”s handiwork could be seen in photographs on the wall of the Saviors outpost in “Not Tomorrow Yet.”

The original recipient of Lucille”s wrath was Glenn. But after everything that”s happened on the show, Daryl needs to be the one to go. There are plenty of other characters who COULD take a deadly beating for the team; Rick, Carol, Michonne, Maggie, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Morgan, Father Gabriel, and Glenn. But for one reason or another, each of these characters can be eliminated on the basis that it would be bad storytelling. Other characters – such as Carl, Enid, Heath, and Spencer – I”m not including either because of the high unlikeliness of their deaths (Carl) or that their deaths would be a cop-out as Negan should kill someone who matters greatly to the audience.