‘Space Jam 2’: Michael Jordan doesn’t want LeBron James to star in sequel

If it were up to “His Airness,” the heir to his throne atop the Space Jam sequel wouldn”t be King James.

While at his basketball camp, Michael Jordan was asked who he would like to see star in Space Jam 2, the follow up to the 1996 movie. While three-time NBA champ LeBron James is attached to star, Jordan said he would prefer another all star.

“I would probably pick Blake Griffin,” Jordan said.

While Griffin won”t get the key role in the Justin Lin-directed flick, he already has some experience with the movie. In 2014, the L.A. Clipper did a reading of the original Space Jam at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where he played Jordan. He did so alongside Nick Kroll, Danielle Fishel and Seth Green.

Griffin's fondness for the space basketball film doesn't end there. In a 2015 interview with Basketball Insiders, he said of the project, “I”d love to be involved in any capacity, really. Space Jam was a huge part of my childhood. I actually had a Space Jam-themed birthday party as a teen. Then, when I turned 21, my friends got me a Space Jam cake again just to re-live the glory days.”

Check out the video of Jordan”s comments and Griffin”s performance…