The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Early Screening Reactions Have Arrived And Everyone Loves It

With two weeks to go before Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ experiment in co-production hits theaters, the buzz surrounding Spider-Man: Homecoming sounds really good despite its being a remake of a remake. Stars Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. have already been promoting the film in a series of NBA Finals ads and a subsequent Jimmy Kimmel Live visit (all of which falls under the Disney umbrella). But thanks to the lifting of Friday night’s social media embargo, film reviewers and other industry professionals lucky enough to check out Homecoming‘s early screenings have been posting their thoughts on Twitter.

So what did everyone think of Spider-Man: Homecoming? Is it the perfect Spider-Man movie that hardcore fans have been wanting since Spider-Man 3‘s letdown? Did it really feel like John Hughes had come back to direct another film about high school-bound teenage angst that just so happened to include a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands? According to those who began tweeting as fast as their thumbs would allow following the 9 pm ET embargo, the general answer to all of this is a big ol’ “yes.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming apparently outperforms Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, and definitely overshadows Sam Raimi’s maligned third entry in the original Sony trilogy. Uproxx‘s own Mike Ryan even went so far as to suggest director Jon Watts’ film had successfully combined the web-head’s story with the ’90s teen comedy Can’t Hardly Wait.

Obviously, the general consensus was positive.

Some were quick to point out that, despite Downey’s weighty presence, Homecoming remains a Spider-Man movie through and through.

Not everyone loved it 100 percent, of course.

But their criticism came with ample praise.

So yeah, it’s good.