Spoon performs two songs during impromptu set in Maine

Talk about a night to remember. Spoon crashed an after party in their honor after a show in Portland, Maine on Friday night.

Jeff Beam's Loudspeaker, local Portland, Maine outfit performed Spoon's seminal rock albums “Girls Can Tell” and “Kill the Moonlight” in their entirety immediately following Spoon's own concert at The State Theatre.

As luck would have it, the band swung by after their set to enjoy some of their own classics.

Pictured top right in this photo collage courtesy of Sean Morin, you can see the back of Britt Daniel snapping photos and recording video of Jeff Beam's Loudspeaker.

Above is a clip of Spoon doing an impromptu set of “The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine” and “Jonathon Fisk”.

As remarked on the event page, this was truly a “surreal” experience and one that I'm sure the Portland music scene will be talking about all summer.

And just because we're on the subject of Spoon, I've been LOVING this remix of “Inside Out” by Tycho.