St. Louis Rams won’t be part of OWN’s Michael Sam documentary

05.15.14 4 years ago

St. Louis Rams won”t be part of OWN”s Michael Sam documentary
The agent for the NFL”s first openly gay player, Michael Weiss, says the filmmakers never asked the Rams for permission to film at their facility because “we wouldn't put the Rams in that position.” He adds: “OWN's cameras would never be able to go to the Rams' facility to be inside the locker room, to get on the field, because nobody has those rights besides the NFL.”

“Grey”s Anatomy” alum T.R. Knight joins Amazon”s “Hysteria” pilot
He”ll play the brother of Mena Suvari, who stars as a socially awkward psychiatrist/neurologist who investigates a girls” high school technology epidemic.

Nielsen: Nearly 50% of all TV viewing comes from the heaviest 20% of TV viewers
According to Nielsen, a “heavy” viewer watches 705 minutes of television a day, or nearly 12 hours.

The Coen Brothers told FX's “Fargo” boss: “Look, we don't know television. It's your show — just go make it”
Their only concern was the characters” Minnesota accents, recalls exec producer Noah Hawley. “They read the first script, liked it, suggested a few lines and jokes, but that was the sum total of their creative involvement,” he says, adding that Ethan Coen”s reaction to the pilot was “yeah, good.” PLUS: Oliver Platt says of his “Fargo” role: “What Billy”s doing really smartly is, he”s riding the plot horse.”

Jeff Probst: “Survivor” is changing things up for its 1st Wednesday finale since Season 1
“To start with,” he says, “I”ll be live from the beginning of the two-hour finale. I”ll also be live at the end of every act. I”ll be interacting via social media @jeffprobst with fans at home and in the audience. We”re endeavoring to make this more of a shared event rather than a passive viewing experience. I”m excited.”

Former “Scandal” star Columbus Short pleads not guilty to felony battery
The actor was arraigned this morning for felony battery in a club beating that seriously injured a man.

Is “Catfish” becoming contrived?
The MTV series may be affected by reality self-awareness.

Watch all 11 of “The View” co-hosts reunite
“This is a huge deal,” Whoopi Goldberg said of Barbara Walters, “because I think that you don't remember what you've done. You've done so many things and I don't think you really get how large this is, so we want to make sure you know it.” PLUS: What you didn”t see on TV.

“Orange is the New Black” promotes “Black Cindy”
Adrienne C. Moore becomes a series regular next season.

See the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 6 trailer – with the Giudice indictment
Much of next season will revolve around Teresa and Joe”s 41-count federal fraud indictment.

“Devious Maids” book Gilles Marini
The “Switched at Birth” star and “Dancing” alum will appear in the season finale as possibly Roselyn Sanchez”s new love interest.

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