‘Star Wars’ Fans Went Wild Adding An F-Bomb Into Scenes From ‘Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith’


The Motion Picture Association of America has rules, and these rules must be followed. But much like the speed limit on roadways, those rules should not be mere regulations, but rather rules that should be adhered to as strictly as possible.

Movie ratings are often restrictions to get under rather than live up to them. Cut this word or that scene and you might get a PG-13 rating rather than the dreaded R. After all, you need the teens to give you that box office boost, right? That’s especially true of a movie franchise like Star Wars, which has fans of all ages. An R-rated Star Wars movie, while intriguing, seems impossible at this point in the franchise’s arc.

Most Star Wars films, in fact, are rated PG. But a few PG-13 movies often have some darker themes of death and a bit of blood. It’s not nearly the blood and gore (and smells) you’d actually experience if instantly-cauterizing laser swords were real, but it can get dark. And that includes the third (or sixth) film in the Star Wars franchise: Revenge of the Sith. That’s the movie where Anakin officially becomes Darth Vader, kills a bunch of younglings and ultimately causes the death of his illicit wife.

There’s a lot going on in there, obviously, but one thing that’s missing that would have fit under the PG-13 banner? An F-bomb. That got one Twitter user thinking and sparked a fun social media experiment: if you had to drop an F-bomb into the already-existing film, where would you put it?

The reactions ranged from genuinely interesting — if not artistic — use of profanity to already bringing up memes created by an internet that loves adding swears to Star Wars.

He, of course had his own once-cannon suggestion.

As a lot of people pointed out, however, the Star Wars universe already has the perfect actor to drop in well-placed profanity.

One favorite answer was a meme that isn’t exactly dialogue from the movie, but was definitely in Obi Wan’s inner dialogue.

Young Kenobi’s character actually got a lot of good suggestions.

This is way better as a comedic moment than Jar Jar friggin Binks.

Padme certainly should have been allowed to drop a confused F-bomb.

This one seems a bit more inspired by today’s real world than anything.

This, too.

I mean, I thought he was a LANGUAGE droid he didn’t know what was going to happen come on man:

This is a bit dark, but hey still PG-13!

There are a lot of good ones, but sadly we’ll have to wait for a fan to get mad enough at the current state of the movie and crowd-fund a movie full of our favorite swears. Until then, what we got is what we got.