The New ‘Star Wars Land’ Model Promises An Immersive, Transporting Experience

In 2019, Disneyland in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida will open the doors to Star Wars Land. Guests who enter the new area will have an immersive experience, transporting them to a galaxy far, far away. For Star Wars fans, it is geek mecca.

Details about the new area of Disney’s theme parks have been sparse. There have been rumors about an accompanying hotel to keep the Star Wars experience intact and that guests will choose the Light side or the Dark upon entering and that choice will affect their experience. We know for a fact the Millennium Falcon will be a ride and that two AT-AT walkers will greet guests inside one of the building (though not in what capacity). We also had concept art of what Star Wars Land will ultimately look like. But, for the most part, if you wanted to know what Disney was up to, you had to turn to YouTube where an army of Disneyphiles are keeping meticulous track of the construction taking place in both California and Florida. Some even going so far as to hire helicopters to get a better view.

Now that the D23 Expo is underway though, Disney is happy so show off what they have in store Star Wars Land. A model replica is on display all weekend for folks lucky enough to catch a glimpse in person. For the rest of us, Disney was kind enough to release a video that showcases the layout of the park.

For those who’ve been obsessively tracking the construction, it won’t take long to overlay the model onto aerial imagery of the parks themselves. The video begins where guests will enter with the towering entrance to the planet concealing Star Wars Land from the rest of the park for immersion purposes. If you watch videos filmed by Muppets 3D at Hollywood Studios, you’ll see that set piece going up now. First Order flags to the right of the entrance and more “earth toned” flag to the left may indicate that “split” where guests will choose their allegiance. From where the AT-AT building is positioned at Hollywood Studios, it looks like those not part of the Millennium Falcon ride, as that’s nestled in the back of the park. Off to the left, you hexagonal building could be the one that has featured heavily in the YouTube videos from Disneyland’s construction as it’s easy to see from the parking structure where most guests watch the park take shape.

Of course, all this guesswork will probably be for naught by the end of the weekend. Keep an eye on Uproxx as D23 unfolds, as I’m sure more detailed information about Star Wars Land will be unveiled soon!