‘Step Up: All In’ stars Ryan Guzman and Briana Evigan talk evolution of twerking

LOS ANGELES – Ryan Guzman and Briana Evigan have been in a few of the “Step Up” movies between them, so maybe they should have the say in which locale the franchise features in next. The new sequel, “Step Up: All In,” takes place in Las Vegas, for a fictional crew talent competition reality show.

In our interview recently, Guzman and Evigan suggested some cool new haunts — maybe Japan, for instance — but how about Antarctica and Greenland, too?

OK, so maybe they shouldn't have final say.

Kidding aside, the dancing duo talked about their core expertise, and the terrible trends that sometimes come out of it.

“Stop 'Gangnam Style' now,” Guzman pleaded, as he and his co-star said they've had to learn and then perform the horsey side-dance over and over again.

Evigan said she's appalled the twerking just became a “thing.” And that it's even called twerking. “It's butt-shaking,” she said. “I learned to twerk upside-down against the wall when I was 12 years old.”

Watch the full interview above, as Guzman talks his newly re-invented Rio for the “Jem and the Holograms” movie and how “The Ultimate Fighter” is the ultimate reality show, and why Evigan didn't take up the reins on the one f-bomb this PG-13 flick is allowed.

“Step Up: All In” is in theaters Friday (Aug. 8).