Stephen Colbert delivers The Gettysberg Address as Abraham Lincoln

Stephen Colbert delivers The Gettysberg Address as Abraham Lincoln
It’s part of Ken Burns’ project to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the address, which happens on Nov. 12. Burns is also releasing a film on “The Address” in April.

Kate Upton is wanted for the female lead in “Entourage” movie

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is in early talks to join the cast, according to The Wrap.

Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show is losing its most important viewers
Baldwin has lost 41% of his viewers in the key demo since his launch last month.

“SNL” alum Abby Elliott joins Conan’s TBS’ pilot “Dream Comedy”
She and Dan Fogler will star in a “post-recession” comedy about a town that is reinvigorated by the opening of a brewery.

Elisabeth Rohm books “Beauty and the Beast” gig

The “Law & Order” alum will guest as an FBI agent over four episodes.

Amy Poehler: “Parks and Rec” will bring back Ann & Chris as much as possible
This is the last week of filming for Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones. “Knowing our show, no one ever really leaves Pawnee – we still call people back that did stuff in the first and second season,” she says. “So, I”m certain that Rob and Rashida will make their way back to Pawnee as many times are we can drag them.”

Why are black entertainers so successful in daytime, but not primetime?

Queen Latifah, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey and Michael Strahan have found success on daytime TV, but few black performers are prominently featured in primetime.

Travel Channel orders Adam Richman’s “Eat Secrets,” plus 4 new shows
“Resort Recon” is joining “Castle Secrets & Legends,” “Hotel Secrets & Legends” and “National Park Secrets & Legends” on the Travel Channel schedule.

Kids today live in an on-demand TV world
Today’s children don’t understand the concept of live TV, or waiting for a show to air at a certain time.

George R.R. Martin thanks Australians for illegally downloading “Game of Thrones”

“When the first series came out on TV, I found out Australia led the world in illegal downloads because they weren’t willing to wait six months to watch,” he says. “In a way, I take that as a compliment.”

Rob Lowe: “The West Wing” is the best TV show ever made — better than “Breaking Bad”
“I would love ‘The West Wing’ if I wasn’t on it,” Lowe tells Larry King. “I just happened to be on it. I think it’s a tremendous show.”

Clint Eastwood’s wife returns to anchoring local news after E! reality stint
Former E! reality star Dina Eastwood has returned to KSBW in Monterey, CA, where she first met Clint in 1992.

Are the anti-Jimmy Kimmel protesters overreacting?
Kimmel and ABC have apologized profusely for the “kill everyone in China” skit, yet that hasn’t been enough for certain members of the Chinese American community.

Son of “Doctor Who’s” 1st writer demands BBC stop using the TARDIS

Stef Coburn, whose dad Tony Coburn wrote the first “Who” episode, says the BBC’s rights to use the TARDIS expired when his dad died in 1977. PLUS: Meet the man behind the “Who” titles.

“SportsCenter” will try more celeb guest co-anchors after Ken Jeong boosts ratings
The struggling 6 pm ET “SportsCenter” may have found a reliable way to get viewers interested again.

Ben McKenzie on his “O.C.” past: “We were all babies. Such babies”

McKenzie recalls how he and everybody behaved like jerks from the sudden fame of the Fox series.

“Hot in Cleveland” books Chris Isaak
The crooner will play a famous musician not named Chris Isaak.

DirecTV now has a “Before Netflix” menu
Is this a subtle jab at the video on-demand service?

Shocker: Kerry Washington looks bad on a magazine cover

Did Lucky magazine do too much airbrushing on the “Scandal” star?

“Betrayal” and “Hostages'” limited-run status may have saved them from the axe
It’s easy for networks to not cancel a series when it’s going to end soon anyway.

“Girls” star and ex-Marine Adam Driver will spend tonight performing for troops
Driver and his wife are founders of Arts in the Armed Forces, which stages performances for members of the military.

Can “Meet the Sloths” become the new “Meerkat Manor”?
Animal Planet has started its eight-part exploration of sloths.

“Family Ties” mom Meredith Baxter is marrying her girlfriend
According to TMZ, the 66-year-old Baxter has just received her marriage license.

Letterman asks Julianna Margulies about her and George Clooney?

Are the former “ER” stars still close?

ABC’s “What Would You Do?” returns in December
The ABC News hidden came show is back on Dec. 3.

“Bones” bringing back a dead character
The character will “be back in the flesh,” says exec producer Stephen Nathan.

8 great TV series you probably haven’t seen
From “Samurai Jack” to “Star Blazers.”

Now on Hulu: Tony winner James Corden in BBC’s “The Wrong Mans”
The former “Gavin & Stacey” star is featured in this comic spy thriller.

This fall’s new trend: Acting pairs?
From “The Crazy Ones” to “Sleepy “Hollow,” there are a lot of two-character shows new this season.

“American Experience” kicks off a 2-night exploration of JFK’s life

Tonight examines John F. Kennedy’s life before the presidency and Tuesday will look back at his days in the White House.