Stephen Colbert’s star-studded final ‘Report’: Smart, surreal, sly, sincere

Stephen Colbert”s star-studded final “Report”: Smart, surreal, sly, sincere
Colbert sent his TV character off into TV eternity with a finale that was “both a sweet ending and a perfect summation of the show”s spirit,” says James Poniewozik, who adds: “The finale nodded to the massive creation that Colbert wrought over nine years, and – as he flew off with Santa, a unicorn Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek – promised something different to come.” PLUS: Watch the final 10 minutes of “The Colbert Report,” Keith Olbermann offers behind-the-scenes pics, here”s a list of the celebrity cameos, celebs tried to stay out of James Franco”s line of fire, and how the closing credits song reminded Colbert of the tragedy that killed his father and two brothers.

Craig Ferguson is having a celeb-filled goodbye, too
CBS” “Late Late Show” website lists all the celebrity cameos you”ll see on tonight”s Ferguson finale, which was taped yesterday.

Why “White Collar” changed the series finale ending
Creator Jeff Eastin always had a different vision of how his USA series would end.

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Perez Hilton is reportedly set for “Celebrity Big Brother”
The U.S. gossip blogger is earning big bucks to appear on the UK reality show, which kicks off its latest season after the New Year.

Nick Offerman chokes up talking about the “Parks and Rec” finale on “The Tonight Show”
Jimmy Fallon also got Offerman to update “”Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Seth Meyers: “Bring it On, Sony hackers!”
Watch Meyers do a Weekend Update-style takedown of the alleged North Korean hackers.

“Covert Affairs” season finale, explained
Exec producer Chris Ord promises answers if the USA series is renewed.

George Clooney snaps a “Downton Abbey” selfie
See Clooney”s latest pic from the “Downton” set.

Hulu acquires “Fargo”
The FX miniseries is part of a separate deal with Hulu than what was announced on Thursday.