Stephen King has some ‘It’ remake news for you

It's been awhile since we've received news on the remake/update of Stephen King's It, but if the Master of Horror's tweet from earlier today is any indication, the film is currently ramping up production:


But King's tweet isn't the only piece of the puzzle. Just yesterday, the It remake's Facebook fan page posted an excerpt from a magazine (that with a bit of digging I've pegged as 24 Hours Toronto) that indicates the film will be shooting in the city between July 27 and September 6:

Last we heard, Mama director Andres Muschietti had taken the reins from Cary Fukunaga, who departed the project last May over creative differences. There's no word yet on whether Maze Runner star Will Poulter is still on board to play Pennywise the clown, but we'll keep you posted as news develops.