Fresh Photos From The ‘It’ Adaptation Will Give You Endless Nightmares

There’s still two more days before the long-gestating It adaptation gets an initial trailer, but that isn’t stopping the movie from preparing the audience to be horrified at the highest level once the first look at Pennywise in motion is released. The latest photos might be worse than any trailer though, as the still photos show just enough to scare anyone looking at them — after which their imagination can do the rest of the horrifying work. In the first photo (seen above) Pennywise is pictured with his signature balloon which does a lot to obscure his scary visage in this case even though those in the know understand just how unsettling the face behind the balloon is.

The other pictures obscure much of the scenes they were taken from as well, which goes a long way towards ratcheting up the tension about what exactly is going down in each part of the movie. In one, the all-important “Losers Club” is watching something on a projection screen although whatever it is is being kept from the audience. However their faces are not optimistic and audience anticipation for this moment should apprehensive to say the least. The final photo is the scariest of all, as it is just Pennywise’s creepy claw of a hand coming after the children who are cowering in a corner. Fun times had by all!

Director Andy Muschietti is counting down to the first trailer in a creepy yet cute way on his Instagram account, so fans of the story only have a scant 48 hours to prepare themselves for the horror coming their way. King himself saw the movie in full earlier this month and should have everyone highly optimistic for the first half of this project.

(via USA Today)