Steven Spielberg just set Josh Trank on fire with the burn of the century

What you are about to witness is a center-cut, pure Grade-A, organic-fed burn. Despite how early we are into the 21st century, I”m confident this will be the greatest burn of the century.

During an exclusive feature interview with THR, legendary director Steven Spielberg talked about everything from his past with Amblin Entertainment to the future of Indiana Jones. It”s a great piece and one you should set aside some time to read.

But the real story was in the companion piece THR did with Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall about how to succeed in today”s Hollywood climate. They spoke of Jurassic World and how involved Spielberg was in the process (spoiler: very) and how to tell the good young directors from the bad. Which is when this happened:

The burn felt around the world. A burn so bad even Trogdor would be impressed. Ouch. Someone check on Trank, and maybe call the burn unit.