A ‘Stranger Things’ Star Issues A Warning About Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’

Netflix’s teen drama 13 Reasons Why, which premiered to both critical and audience acclaim when it landed on the streaming service, deals with a lot of adult themes. Suicide, which of course is the central plot driver of the show, but also bullying, sexual assault, and other sensitive subjects. The way the show handles each of these topics is far from insensitive, and goes a long way towards treating teen issues as seriously and tactfully as a show about older main characters and aimed at adult audiences.

Even though many episodes begin with a warning about graphic and sensitive materials, one fellow industry member is not applauding the show’s imagery but rather warning against watching it completely. At least for some members of the prospective audience. Shannon Purser, best known as Barb from fellow Netflix show Stranger Things, posted a few thoughts on Twitter about the show’s content and potential downsides to settling in and bingeing the series.


Purser goes out of her way to make sure people understand why she is warning about the show’s content and that it just might be for everyone, but she doesn’t knock the quality or specific decision making of the storytelling. Her choice to speak out should be a reminder for everyone that one person’s skillfully crafted dramatic show is another person’s potentially triggering content.