Twitter Made The Jim Hopper ‘Stranger Things 2’ Dance Scene Even Better

Features Editor

If you were an ’80s kid or even a ’90s kid you probably see yourself and your childhood friends reflected in the Stranger Things crew: the awkwardness, the nerdiness, the low-level adventuring, and the fun are all there. I know I do. But if we’re all being honest, right now, we’re probably closer to Bob The Brain and, in one scene in particular, Jim Hopper.

The scene I’m referencing — a sweet moment between Jim and Eleven where he re-connects to his youth through a Jim Croce record and gets taken away by the rhythm — seemed like it had a good shot at becoming a viral “thing” for how goofy and charming it was. Maybe it wasn’t on par with Eggo waffles and Barb from season one, but people were going to make it a meme and spread its glory. And so they have, with a twist.

The Twitter account is Hopper Dancing To (@HopperDancingTo) and it’s blowing up with 16,000 followers since Saturday thanks to a pretty simple concept: the Jim Hopper dance scene, but set to something other than Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” (even though that song choice, like a lot of the others in the soundtrack, was artfully selected).

@HopperDancingTo has dropped in a diverse array of hits like “Feel Good Inc” by the Gorilaz, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, and the iCarly theme song.

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