Twitter Made The Jim Hopper ‘Stranger Things 2’ Dance Scene Even Better

If you were an ’80s kid or even a ’90s kid you probably see yourself and your childhood friends reflected in the Stranger Things crew: the awkwardness, the nerdiness, the low-level adventuring, and the fun are all there. I know I do. But if we’re all being honest, right now, we’re probably closer to Bob The Brain and, in one scene in particular, Jim Hopper.

The scene I’m referencing — a sweet moment between Jim and Eleven where he re-connects to his youth through a Jim Croce record and gets taken away by the rhythm — seemed like it had a good shot at becoming a viral “thing” for how goofy and charming it was. Maybe it wasn’t on par with Eggo waffles and Barb from season one, but people were going to make it a meme and spread its glory. And so they have, with a twist.

The Twitter account is Hopper Dancing To (@HopperDancingTo) and it’s blowing up with 16,000 followers since Saturday thanks to a pretty simple concept: the Jim Hopper dance scene, but set to something other than Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” (even though that song choice, like a lot of the others in the soundtrack, was artfully selected).

@HopperDancingTo has dropped in a diverse array of hits like “Feel Good Inc” by the Gorilaz, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, and the iCarly theme song.

And they just keep coming.

The account is even taking requests (full disclosure: I sent in an ask for Springsteen’s “Cover Me” this morning). It’s fun, probably a fair amount of work, and something that is getting the attention of some of the bands mentioned (with likes and retweets that are followed by flattered replies from the account) and even Dancing Jim himself, actor David Harbour who seems to love it.

Will Netflix, the Stranger Things rights holder, love someone having fun with their intellectual property, though? That remains to be seen. Corporate lawyers aren’t known for their fun-loving spirit but you’d hope something like this would transcend because its a celebration of the show, a bit of pure joy, and probably something Dustin or one of the other Stranger Things kids would do if they were of this era.