The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Show Off Their Dance Moves In This Upside Down Contest On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon brought plenty of Stranger Things goodies to The Tonight Show this week, including Millie Bobby Brown giving a hip-hop recap of the first season of the Netflix hit. Now the four main kids from the show, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp have Stranger Things-themed dance battle against Fallon. There’s Waffle references, nostalgia drizzled all over the entire thing, and even an upside down finale that manages to flip the entire battle on its head with a little bit of that television magic.

It lacks the flair of Millie Bobby Brown’s rap skills, but it does bring back plenty of fond memories about those classic ’80s television sets with the wood paneling and gigantic picture tubes. While actually fixing one usually involved less smacking on the side and more experiments with aluminum foil, the spirit is there.

As for using dance moves to escape viscous goo should be the go to way that happens from now on. There’s style present that is missing from someone trying to bust out of evil goo and escape whatever dark dimension it has emerged from. It worked for Ghostbusters 2, why shouldn’t it work for Stranger Things.

The only real disappointment here is the lack of any real competition. Who is the winner? Why does this exist if we’re not keeping score and crowning one of these children the best dancer on Netflix? And their prize would be a recording of the fake Devo song used for the final dance. Those licensing fees are brutal.

(Via The Tonight Show)