StreamFix: 5 Stalker Favorites to Stream Right Now

You're seeing that damn J-Lo movie this weekend, right? I already saw it! Get this: creepier and better than you think! Definitely better than “Obsessed,” which was not good or campy enough for human consumption. After you get your fix of the delicious Ryan Guzman, check back online to watch some of these classic stalker titles.

Fatal Attraction (Netflix) 

Glenn Close is right: This movie is dated and treats mentally ill people unfairly. Here's where Glenn Close is wrong: It's still a watchable, entertaining movie still because Glenn Close is the best damn actress of the past 40 years. She is a risky artist who somehow got to be a gigantic star, and she did it by choosing projects that almost no one else could tackle. Adore her forever. “Dangerous Liaisons” is also an insane treat. Why did she do “Albert Nobbs” to us?

Stalker (Hulu)

The world did the right thing and gave Maggie Q a starring role on a network crime procedural. I once interviewed her at a press conference for the CW during her “Nikita” days, and she openly rolled her eyes at other stars from her network. She is a bad-ass and smart as hell and we should be up to date on her stalker-sniping antics. 

Domestic Disturbance (Netflix)

Bear with me here, but I'm serious: John Travolta plays a relatable protagonist who begins to suspect his son's new stepfather (Vince Vaughn, an unrelatable antagonist) is a killer. I love stupid-ass intrigue films! I love the very short cinematic reign of Teri Polo! I love this life! 

Nurse Betty (Crackle) 

I hope you didn't come to HitFix to mock Renee Zellweger, because I think she's probably the finest movie star of the early 2000s (with the possible exception of Nicole Kidman). “Nurse Betty” was so interesting. The plot alone was so unusual: Following her husband's murder, Betty (Zellweger) suffers from an extreme delusion and ends up stalking the cast of her favorite soap. Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman costar. This is a very under-discussed movie from a time when quirky performances didn't make you want to throw a tomahawk at your local co-op.

Chinatown (Netflix)

Is this a stalker movie? No, not really — but it provides an interesting perspective that counterbalances the previous four titles here. Jake Gittes is a detective who has to snoop around learning mysterious bits of information about truly creepy people. “Chinatown” feeds that part of your brain that wants to click compulsively on an ex's Facebook profile and learn new information. You usually come up empty, and so does Jake — for awhile. Except eventually he doesn't, and he ends up finding out more than he'd ever believe. Dunaway, y'all. Serving. It. Up. While. Wearing. A. Fabulous. Hat.