StreamFix: ‘Arrow,’ Chelsea Handler, and 15 more essential streams on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Crackle

10.08.14 4 years ago

Check out this week's best and most provocative options for streaming on the web. How many times have you seen “Fletch”? Add another hundred to it this month.



“Arrow”, season 2

Catch up on the second season before the third premieres tonight. We can never do enough to tell Katie Cassidy we're sorry about that “Melrose Place” revamp. 

“Jay Mohr: Funny for a Girl”

One of the bright spots in the dreaded '94-'95 season of “SNL” was the appearance of Jay Mohr, whose salty, smirky humor is somehow more impish than Norm MacDonald's. Fun fact I often forget: He is married to Nikki Cox.

“Raising Hope”, season 4

Shhh, secret: We're running a list of the “50 Funniest Women of the Past 50 Years” feature next week. You better believe Cloris Leachman made the list. Go watch the series that garnered Phyllis Lindstrom her twenty-second Emmy nomination. (Leachman has the most acting wins of any Emmy winner with eight.)

“Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me” (Oct. 10)

Chelsea Handler's Netflix takeover begins with this standup special. I assume the titles “Good Golly, Miss Mali!” and “Kenya Believe This Place?” were already taken.


“Bad Girls Club”

Yes, a 13th cycle of “Bad Girls Club” is upon us. If you need a reason to watch (for some reason), let it be known that bad girl Natalie Nunn was sent to the hospital during filming because Redd Carswell bit her on the foot. That should do it.

“The Mysteries of Laura” (Oct. 9)

I. Love. All. Of. Laura's. Mysteries.

“A to Z” (Oct. 10)

Ben Feldman is such a winsome and secretly conscientious chap as Ginsberg on “Mad Men,” why not check out his plea for romcom stardom?

“Bad Judge” (Oct. 10)

Kate Walsh makes terrible choices and enjoys them. She's a BAD JUDGE. Anyway, I like Kate Walsh. Potential tagline: “BAD TEACHER BUT WITH A JUDGE.”

“Project Runway” (Oct. 10)

Last week's insanity with Korina and Char? Delicious. This season is great (from time to time).

Amazon Prime


Paul Walker struggles to keep his infant daughter alive during the hell of Hurricane Katrina. Swear to God it's not about Virginia Woolf.


It's Julianne Moore taking over Piper Laurie's legendary role. What else do you want? Chloe Grace Moretz? Well, I'll be, she's in it too.  

“Scream 2”

Can we please remember there was a moment in time when Jamie Kennedy was a total fox? He never looked better (or snarked harder) than in “Scream 2.”

“Romeo + Juliet”

Can we please remember there was a moment in time when John Leguizamo was just kind of insane-seeming? And it's a moment that we're still living in? 



Two things about this movie: 1) If you had to list 10 Geena Davis movies off the top of your head, I swear you still wouldn't name “Fletch.” No one remembers she's in this! And 2) Never forget that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was also in “Fletch,” and that makes two classic appearances in '80s comedies for him. (His work in “Airplane!” is superior, obviously.)

“Seven Pounds”

Serious Will Smith. You remember him. “Seven Pounds” is not perfect, but Will is truly a gripping actor. His best role to date is still “Six Degrees of Separation.” Fight me on it.

“Boyz N the Hood”

Always give it up for John Singleton, the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Best Director Oscar. He was also the first African-American nominee in that category. And if you'd like something to be infuriated about, please remember there are only three black nominees altogether for that award. Lee Daniels and Steve McQueen roll their eyes with you.

“Finding Forrester”

This was a very solid movie with two great performances from Sean Connery and Rob Brown. Remember when “You're the man now, dog!” was kind of a phenomenon? As was the practice of hiring Anna Paquin in inconsequential supporting roles? 

Come back next week for another round of worthwhile viewing options on StreamFix.

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