Watch: Superman 75th anniversary short debuts online

(CBR) has posted the full 2-minute Superman 75th Anniversary short that debuted this weekend at New York Comic Con 2013. Produced by Bruce Timm and “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder, the short goes through the many incarnations of Superman in his 75 years of existence in comics, television, movies and video games. Set to John Williams” iconic “Superman” theme, the Man of Steel flies off his first appearance on “Action Comics” #1 through the highlights of his history to Henry Cavill”s portrayal of the character in “Man of Steel.”

“We thought this was really cool, a great idea. It was originally supposed to be a DC Nation short,” said Timm during the Superman 75th Anniversary panel at NYCC. “We sat down and made this big laundry list – History of Superman. It quickly snowballed and became way bigger than a DC Nation short. The budget ballooned, I don”t mind saying. It”s going to be on multiple platforms, but the best way to watch it will be on the Blu-ray release.”

The short will be widely available on the “Man of Steel” Blu-ray release on November 12. Check out the video on