Surprise: James Marsden won’t appear in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

(CBR)  Even with all of the old and new mutants packing their way into “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” there”s still one hero who won”t reappear: James Marsden”s Scott Summers.

The Cyclops actor told Vulture he”s not appearing in director Bryan Singer”s new “inbetweequel,” although it”s clear he”s had conversations with the filmmaker.

“If this next film really works, Bryan has said he wants to fix a few things, so hopefully [Cyclops’ death] is one of them,” said the actor, who also appeared in Singer”s “Superman Returns.” “We”ll see. I always liked Cyclops, but they have a lot of characters that they have to parcel out, spend time with each one, make sure everyone feels like they”ve been given their due, introduce them appropriately, but you could do a spinoff of every one of those characters and give them so much depth to the story line.”

For those who successfully burned “X-Men: The Last Stand” from their memories, the Brett Ratner-directed X-flick killed Cyclops within the first 30 minutes, a shocking development given the character”s long history. But with Singer”s new film dealing in time travel and continuity restructuring, it”s entirely possible that Cyclops returns from the grave for a future movie – just not “Future Past,” it seems.