‘Ted 2’ is filthy-dirty, but who are some of the foulest mouths on screen ever?

“Ted 2” features the talking teddy bear and Mark Wahlberg tapped in for Round 2 of some of the filthiest, dirtiest, swearingest, foulest hijinx and line-reads of 2015.

But many have come before Ted and his human.

While it'd be a strange thing to say these are our “favorite” foul-mouths on the big and small screen — because funny foulmouths can also be bigots and bullies and brain-deads — we will say these are among the most notable dirty birds in film and TV history.

Below are characters from “Orange Is The New Black,” “Scarface,” “South Park,” a Woody Allen flick, the current Doctor Who, an Alec Baldwin turn, a recent Oscar winner, a horror movie, a couple of HBO faves and more.

Who is your favorite cursing character? Sexual-pun-making filth founts? Who would you add to this list?