Tell us what you thought of ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’

Seth MacFarlane has always been a divisive comic talent: he makes no attempt to hide his obnoxiousness, much less apologize for it, and that bald, brash style either gets up viewers' noses or into their funnybones. (Or, in some cases, both simultaneously.) I've run, well, lukewarm and cold with him over the years: I was never on “Family Guy's” wavelength, while “Ted,” for all its misanthropic shortcomings, made me laugh despite myself.

Things took a downward turn with his ill-judged Oscar hosting stint, and I'm afraid to say they've got even worse with his comic western “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” Drew McWeeny was mildly tickled by MacFarlane's first starring vehicle (and I agree with him that Charlize Theron's feisty performance is its best feature), but I thought it a labored, laughless vanity project — not fit to shine the boots of “Blazing Saddles,” itself a film I actively dislike. But what did you think? Are you still on MacFarlane's side, or yearning for the relative comic genius of “We Saw Your Boobs?” Tell us in the comments, and vote in the poll after the jump.