Thank God ‘Really!?! with Seth and Amy’ moved from ‘SNL’ to ‘Late Night’

06.25.15 4 years ago

On the one hand, having Lorne Michaels in charge of all three of NBC's big late night franchises makes for a homogenized feel for the product, with “SNL” alums Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers fronting “Tonight” and “Late Night,” respectively. On the other hand, having one man in charge of the whole empire makes it much simpler for one show to borrow a gimmick from another, like Amy Poehler popping up on “Late Night” for a reprisal of “Really!?! with Seth and Amy” to take down a Sports Illustrated writer who complained about the appeal of women's sports.

It's always been a fun bit to see those two (and their writers) try to wring as many variations on one joke as possible, and Poehler's run here comparing women to LeBron James is a particular delight. Enjoy.

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