That ‘Xena’ reboot is still in the works, whether Xena knew it or not

It”s been a rollercoaster of emotions for fans of “Xena: Warrior Princess” in the past month. First Xenites heard from Lucy Lawless herself that television executives were fools not to bring the show back.

It seemed the executives agreed with Ms. Lawless. Sources at NBC a reboot of “Xena” was in the works. Rumor had it the Warrior Princess could be back in action as early as 2016. But then, a devastating tweet:


A knockout blow, right? NOT SO FAST!

As of last night, The Hollywood Reporter heard straight from NBC Entertainment”s chairman Bob Greenblatt, who confirmed the reboot lives.

“Yes, we're in the early stages of developing a new take on Xena and we're looking for a writer. We want to do it […] We'd love to have Lucy be a part of it – if we felt that her presence didn't overshadow the direction we take with it. I'm not sure how she could be part of it if she wasn't playing Xena, and I don't know if that's a direction we'll ever go.

Hopefully the writer finds a way to incorporate the original Xena into the mix, with the ideal solution being to just let Lawless reprise her role. Until then, Lucy Lawless took to social media to thank the fans for keeping the “Xena” fire burning: