The 10 funniest parts of Aziz Ansari’s Reddit AMA

Comedian and “Parks and Recreation” actor Aziz Ansari has a new comedy special out today, called “Buried Alive.” It’s his third, and it’s available for your viewing please on Netflix. To promote the special, Aziz headed over to Reddit for an AMA, and talked Halloween costumes, Ron Swanson, and grocery store toaster strudels. These 10 highlights are a must-read for any “Parks and Rec” devotee.

1. Question: What is one of the most memorably hilarious (to shoot) scenes of Parks and Rec you can think of?

Answer: Very easy. Ben and Tom are having lunch with a drunk Joan Calamezzo who is creepily hitting on Tom and we have this exchange:

Joan: I’m going to go to the bathroom and powder my nose… amongst other things.

Ben: Dude, is she gonna go powder her vagina?

Probably the hardest scene I’ve ever had to get through without breaking. Adam and I just had to skip doing it for the first few takes. It’s on the blooper real I believe. Also, props to Mo Collins, who always brings it as Joan.

2. Question: What were you for Halloween?

Answer: I was Idris Elba dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine. I dropped in as Thomas at the Comedy Cellar and did standup too. It was super fun.

3. Question:
Hey dude! Your flies down!

Answer: It legit is. Thanks.

4. Question: Aziz, I am standing in the frozen food section. Should I get the Hungry Man Backyard BBQ or the Mexican Style Fiesta?

Answer: Those are gross flavors of Toaster Strudels, go with strawberry.

5. Question: What’s your favorite experience with Nick Offerman on set of Parks and Rec?

Answer: When that little puppy licked his mustache.

6. Question: Aziz, If you can guest star in any TV show, which would it be and what kind of character would you want to play?

Answer: I’m gonna start lobbying to play a corrupt Indian senator on House of Cards. Really want to film a scene at Freddy’s Ribs.

7. Question: Aziz – what is the best way that you used humor to defuse a potentially dangerous situation?

Answer: Haha, not sure what you mean here bud? Do you imagine a scenario where I’m in a dangerous situation with friends getting mugged and I’m like “Guys, I got this” and start doing bits and the robbers start laughing and let us go? That would be kinda cool, but hasn’t happened so far.

8. Question: Who’s your favorite character on Game of Thrones?

Answer: Tywin Lannister is pretty amazing. Also Hodor.

9. Question: Sgt. Brody’s twitter has been silent so far this season, when can we expect to start hearing some tweets/updates on his dumb–ass son Chris?

Answer: Lost the password for that account!

10. Question: Aziz you’re hilarious. But your standup is associated with bad memories. This story is sad and true. When you came to red bank NJ last March my girlfriend bought tickets for our anniversary,she broke up with me before he show but insisted we go together( this was my first chance to see you so i went for it) it was awful. We fought before the show and between acts…and it totally wasn’t worth the aggravation I went through. Can I get some love here to make up for that awful night or can you diss her on twitter for me. She left me for a mutual friend. Her name is sonrisa.

Classic “let me break up with you on our anniversary, but still take you to see Aziz do standup live the same night” situation.

I’m really sorry to hear that though. Keep your head up, we’re all in the struggle together. You’ll meet someone great soon.*

*No clue if that will actually happen, but honestly in my heart, I hope it does for you and all of us.