‘Back to the Future’: The 15 coolest things we saw at this re-creation of Hill Valley

10.25.15 4 years ago

With our arrival, finally, to October 21, 2015 – the date Doc and Marty travel to in “Back to the Future Part II” – celebrations of the beloved trilogy have been in full swing for the past several days.

One of the biggest celebrations has been in and around Los Angeles, where fans are getting to partake in all sorts of geektastic festivities with five-day-long event We”re Going Back. It”s the 2015 follow up to We”re Going Back in 2010, which commemorated the 25 anniversary of “Back to the Future.”

There is one more day of “Back to the Future” geekery for We”re Going Back – today, fans are gathering at Puente Hills Mall (a.k.a. Twin Pines Mall a.k.a. Lone Pine Mall) in City of Industry, Calif. for Q&As with filmmakers of “Back to the Future” and for a screening of the first film in the trilogy.

HitFix visited We”re Going Back”s re-creation of Hill Valley on Thursday. The event turned various corners of little Fillmore, Calif. into Marty”s hometown – including Fillmore”s City Hall, which doubled as the Hill Valley Clocktower for the day. Two of Marty”s 4×4 truck were on site, and we spotted seven DeLoreans, and countless fans cosplaying just about every “Back to the Future” character. Check out 15 fun moments from the day in the gallery below:

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