The 1999 MTV Movie Awards: Lisa Kudrow Owned Everything

I'm coping with the fact that 1999 is 15 years ago just anyway, but looking back at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards will remind you just how much has changed. For better and for worse, but still, it's traumatizing to remember that nothing is the same. Nothing.

Since the 2014 ceremony is on Sunday, let's look back fondly at a time when Jar Jar Binks and J.C. Chasez shared airtime. Your host for the festivities? The perfect Lisa Kudrow. 

Here's what's important about 1999:

1. Lisa Kudrow had flat hair and we celebrated that.

2. Andy Dick was a bankable comic character.

3. Ben Affleck wore baggy leather coats and we loved it.

4. Making Yoda jokes was cool.

5. If you were a woman in entertainment, you were almost forced to bare your midriff.

6. Making asterisk jokes about *NSYNC was cool. And then letting *NSYNC act like sexual predators with Lisa Kudrow was also cool.

7. “Armageddon” was considered a tolerable movie. Guys, it is not.

8. Most of Lisa Kudrow's hosting humor is derived from telling people to stop it.

9. We couldn't get enough of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” jokes, I guess.

10. Michael Bay actually accepted an MTV Movie Award. Shivers.