The 22 Best Song Pairings to Oscar Isaac’s ‘Ex Machina’ Dance Routine

I think it's fair to say Oscar Isaac is the internet's favorite new person. While he starred in Alex Garland's Ex Machina before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, his turn as Poe Dameron shot him into our hearts in a very special way. Now one fan has created a new phenomenon we all can enjoy.

Kate Stevens, aka @osccarisaac on Twitter, began posting as @oscardances on April 29th and quickly blew up. The recipe is simple, take a 30-second clip of Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno's bizarre dance sequence from Ex Machina, originally set to “Get Down Saturday Night” by Oliver Cheatham, and overlay it with any other song. The amazing thing is how well it works with almost any tempo or genre. Almost.

Stevens has been astounded by the reaction to her fun side project so far and asks for patience from those submitting new requests as she's currently busy with final exams at school. And in case you were wondering yes, Isaac himself has seen the account and seems to approve wholeheartedly. But we could have guessed that he does like to break out his dance moves a lot.

This list is, of course, subjective. I have certain biases toward professional wrestling and Nine Inch Nails…enjoy!