‘The Americans’ Returns: 13 Biggest Threats Lying in Wait

So far, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings have lived charmed lives as a pair of sleeper Soviet spies raising their family in the shadow of America”s capital in “The Americans.”  Close calls; they”ve had plenty but for two seasons they”ve come out on the right side of them all.

But how long can the happy family stay just ahead of a speeding bullet aimed right at them?  Life is about to get much more complicated. The children are growing up, betrayed informants are getting restless, the Centre is hatching plans, the neighbors are lurking and the world itself is about the get ever stranger.

Season Three — debuting on Jan. 28 — opens in November 1982 just as the high days of the Cold War enter a new phase and everywhere in the culture, changes are taking hold.

So what are the biggest threats lying in wait for the family when “The Americans” returns for its third season?  We”ve ranked the 13 biggest.