What does ‘The Best of Me’ have in common with ‘Big Lebowski’? James Marsden explains

10.16.14 4 years ago

As “Meet the Parents” and “The Big Lebowski” have proven, human ashes can be a source of comedy under the right conditions – and strange as it sounds, the forthcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Best of Me” continues that tradition this weekend.

Not that the film isn't a drama – it is – but there's a disarmingly chuckle-worthy moment (during an otherwise poignant scene) that involves the scattering of human remains in a field. As stars James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan tell it, the moment came courtesy of a so-called “happy accident” during rehearsal.

“We walked out there, and as you opened up the box…the top dropped, and you almost dropped the whole urn,” Marsden reminded Monaghan. “And [director] Michael [Hoffman] loved it.”

“It was so good, cause I remember honestly dreading that scene, cause I felt like, 'oh my gosh, it feels just so heavy,' you know?” Monaghan recalled. “It's great when happy accidents happen like that.”

See, everybody? Death doesn't have to be a total bummer.

So how much input did Marsden and Monaghan have in casting their younger co-stars Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey (playing teenage versions of the same characters)? And – tying in with the theme of the movie – are there any roles the actors lost out on in real life that they'd want a second chance at playing? Check out the full interview above to find out.

“The Best of Me” hits theaters this Friday.

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