The Bourne Deliberation: The highs and lows of the spy franchise | Fandemonium

08.01.16 3 years ago

A full 14 years after the debut of The Bourne Identity, the series about everyone”s favorite amnesiac spy is still going strong. Matt Damon is back as Bourne, and along with him is Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, both returned for Jason Bourne, which topped the worldwide box office this weekend.

In the video below, Fandemonium host Miri Jedeikin and guest Sasha Perl Raver check in on the state of the Bourne franchise, recapping the highs and the lows of the series and discussing how it reinvigorated the entire espionage genre.

Check out The Bourne Deliberation in the video below.

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