Simon Barrett Is The Next ‘Guest’ On Shudder’s Original Series ‘The Core’

Simon Barrett is the writer of The Guest, Blair Witch, You’re Next, and the upcoming remake of Hoon-jung Park’s brilliant I Saw the Devil. Needless to say, he knows his genre filmmaking, which is why host Mickey Keating asked him to drop by The Core. In the latest episode of Shudder’s original series (co-produced by Uproxx), which shows how the special effects sausage is made, Barrett discusses the importance of tension in genre films and, oh yeah, what happens when you stick your hand in a blender.

Hint! It’s not good. (Warning: Graphic images ahead.)

The latest episode also depicts every Thanksgiving with your family.

Here’s more on The Core.

The Core is a dissection of the brilliant minds from which genre films spring. Whether it’s a demo on head explosions, or a primer on avoiding predictable jump scares, The Core busts open the traditional talk show and plays with its guts. Host Mickey Keating and his guests examine the onscreen techniques and real-life psychologies that strike fear into our very core. We’ll turn you on to what’s thrilling in filmmaking today, without subjecting you to a chat with that dude Greg from film school.

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