The Cranks: Pre-Grumping the Emmys

Authors Neal Pollock and Stacey Woods along with Hitfix Editor Richard Rushfield are The Cranks, your weekly counter-programming to the Age of Enthusiasm.  Tired of all the upbeat, supportive excitement about pop culture, here's three grumpy old Gen X'ers to give you a break from it all.

This week: it's Emmys time and The Cranks are here to pre-grump the Emmys.  Why wait until the after-show?  Get your harrumphs in today! Is it time to finally give Jon Hamm his trophy? We'll be the judge of that!

And also: Mary Poppins, Boy Meets World, The X-Files, Coach!  What is going on with all these reboots?  The Cranks have theories.

Enjoy all the fun every week, here with The Cranks.