No One Hates Iron Fist As Much As Jessica Jones Does

With the introductory series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) out of the way, Netflix is ready to get the gang together for The Defenders, basically the Avengers of the street-level superhero world, but with more drinking and self-loathing. Honestly, Tony Stark would probably enjoy hanging out with them more than he does with Captain America.

There’s just one problem: Everyone hates Iron Fist. I’m not just talking about fans who were hoping for an Asian-American take on the character. I’m also not just talking about fans who watched the series and came away less than impressed with Danny Rand’s Rich People Problems™. I’m talking about the characters within the Marvel Universe; the rest of the Defenders team. But no one hates Danny Rand as much as Jessica Jones. And she’s not afraid to show it.

In case you’ve somehow missed out on it, the Jessica Jones Twitter account is a sheer snarky joy. It embodies Jones’ bristly personality both in standard promotional tweets and interactions with fans. But who could’ve expected a viral meme about Iron Fist’s general incompetence to show up on an official Marvel account? Only Jessica Jones.

If the script gods are good, Krysten Ritter will call Finn Jones “Captain Jazz Hands” derisively at least half a dozen times. But responding to a viral GIF of Danny Rand’s incompetence is only the tip of the loathing iceberg. As part of the marketing, each of The Defenders’ Twitter accounts put out a stylized GIF of their character. The one for Jessica Jones has her preferring to stand outside in the rain rather than entering the Rand building.

And then there’s this response to the GIF released by Iron Fist’s social team. Someone call the burn unit because Danny Rand is scorched.

Of course, Jessica Jones isn’t really a fan of Iron Fist in the comics either. But it warms the empty space where my heart should be to see an in-universe character loathe Danny Rand as much as I do. Bless.