The Definitive guide to Grammys 2015 controversies

For some reason, awards shows bring out a very special version of rage in everyone. Giving honors to undeserving parties, unforgivable snubs, dubious categories, high-profile celebrities meeting low-art presentations, network television… awards shows scratch an irritable itch when it comes to all the ways we talk about our favorite artworks and entertainment.

The Grammys, every year, come with their own controversies and irritants, and 2015 is no exception. Even with “safe” artists like Sam Smith, repeat entertainers like Beyonce and beloved songs like “Let It Go,” there's always something bubbling right under the surface of how we reward or ignore our beloved performers.

So get your outrage ready to rumble: we've cobbled together some of the most talked-about issues going into this year's Grammy Awards nominations and races and given you a guide to when you should blow your top off (or mumble subtweets) and hit rewind on the DVR.

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