His snap on Jeopardy! was just a small dose of his fabulousness

First and foremost, congratulations to my friend and coworker Louis Virtel for getting on Jeopardy! and having the personality traits required to do this:

Secondly, if you think his performance there was fabulous (and you know it was) you must get your eyeballs on his weekly show called, wait for it… The Snap. The latest episode of which you can watch at the top of this article.  

It's probably hard for you to believe that he had this show long before the snap happened on Jeopardy!  but here are all the glorious episodes for proof and your viewing pleasure. And for those of you under the age of 30, here they are on Youtube.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Let's start with a VERY brief history. Jeopardy! is not the first game show Louis has been on. He was also on The Chase, where he won $38,000.

That was it, your very brief history… MOVING ON! 

Since being on Jeopardy! Louis has been interviewed by Queertywritten about by BuzzFeed for owning Homophobic Haters, applauded for his sassiness by USA Today, and upvoted to the front page of Reddit. But more importantly, he was also labelled a “Gay Thug” (my new favorite phrase) and featured on the Tumblr blog “jeopardyhotties” which apparently exists.



Louis also got a shout out from Perez Hilton via Twitter in Vine form:

And since we are on the topic of Twitter, let's take a look at some of Louis' gems there. 

Everything from Celebrity names we constantly hear that mean very little to us…


 to his thoughts on Gay Stereotypes…


and how smart you have to be to get on Jeopardy! 


to hilarious wordplay… 


and his very detailed knowledge of Disney Princesses…


BONUS: Here are some more of his thoughts on that topic. 


All in all it has been a wonderful few days for Louis, and he only has one regret.

So if you have any issues with this fine young man…