The first trailer for ‘Doctor Strange’ takes us inside the Sanctum Sanctorum

My first conversation with Kevin Feige about Marvel heroes and bigscreen adaptations was almost 16 years ago now. And in the time that conversation has continued, he has always been very clear that his own favorite character, the one he most wanted to see become a movie, was one they would have to build to gradually.

Well, that wait is finally over. Earlier today, Donna posted the first poster for Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, which seems to continue a certain back-to-the-camera Cumberbatch trend. Still, it was a cool look at the visual style of the film, and it was enough to keep us on the hook all day waiting for the premiere of the trailer tonight.

That took place just a few minutes ago on Jimmy Kimmel”s show, while the world premiere of Captain America: Civil War is still playing only a few feet away.

So here it is… the first trailer for Doctor Strange!

The most exciting thing about this movie is that it expands the definition of what a Marvel movie is yet again. It was thrilling to see Guardians of the Galaxy wrap science-fiction space adventure into the Marvel universe, and now we've got magic on a scale we've never seen in these films. It almost looks like this is Marvel's The Matrix, which would be a damn fine comparison in terms of getting me excited to see the film.

I like that this is all tease. There's nothing particularly revealing about story yet. A few glimpses of big trippy imagery, but the main thing this emphasizes is that Stephen Strange finds himself broken, then given a chance to enter a totally different world than he ever knew existed. It's a very promising tease, but a tease nonetheless.

I'm guessing this will be in theaters with Jon Favreau's excellent The Jungle Book when it opens this weekend, and in the meantime, we'll have a review of Civil War for you later this week.

You tell us… is this what you were hoping for with Marvel”s Sorcerer Supreme?

Doctor Strange will be in theaters November 4, 2016.