‘The Flash’ Speeds Into This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on The Flash, Cisco won a duel, H.R. Wells is stuck on our Earth for the foreseeable future, oh, and also Iris has decided she will not fear death, making life a wee bit stressful for everyone involved. So of course this episode features a guy whose superpower is killing everything with his touch. That’ll be fun for everybody. That’s on the CW at 8pm EST.

Meanwhile, on Legends Of Tomorrow, the Legion of Doom hilariously realized that they all wanted to be the leader, and that they were all terrible at it. Seriously, CW, when you have a hole in your schedule, fill it with a Legion of Doom series. Anyway, after retrieving Rip Hunter and restoring his memories, he was welcomed back to the fold. And then he went back in time and shot George Washington. So we’ll see how that works out 9pm EST after The Flash.

And, meanwhile, on Agents of SHIELD, we met the Koenig family, who are apparently robot techs and also quadruplets. This week, they still have killer robots to fight, but also an Inhuman who can explode at will, so that’s fun. That’ll be on ABC tonight at 10pm EST. Join us, won’t you?