‘The Flash’ season three: Introducing Kid Flash!

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This is going to sound crazy, but it's hard to watch this promo on a strictly emotional level. How much do I love Wally West? I named my dog after him. He passed away over the summer.  

My beloved Wally had a tough last year, and I couldn't bring myself to watch Kenyan Lonsdale's debut of Wally West during The Flash's second season on The CW. But the fact that he's officially turned into Kid Flash has made me take notice.  

It looks like this season occurs in the Flashpoint world. I remember when Fringe moved (a couple of times) to a different dimension. It can get pretty confusing, even for people who identify as nerds. But forget that, Kid Flash is here!

I've always related to Wally West, an impatient soul who wants to grow up and yet doesn't want to let go of being a kid. He also hates being in other people's shadow and tends to overcompensate. 

There was a long period in the comics when Barry Allen was dead, and Wally West was the main Flash character in the DC universe. Wally was the Flash I grew up on. He's also the name of the dog I grew up with. Let's hope the CW does Kid Flash right.