‘The Flash’ Trailer: Chad Rook shows up as Weather Wizard

(CBR) “The Flash” is getting closer and closer to its debut episode in October, and The CW has released an all-new trailer combining footage from star Grant Gustin's appearance as Barry Allen on “Arrow” with new looks at the upcoming series — including a glimpse of actor Chad Rook as Clyde Mardon/Weather Wizard and more footage of Barry's encounter with “Arrow's” Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen.

The new trailer follows a recent promotional poster for “The Flash” that gives a better look at the Central City skyline.

“In the comic book, here was a guy who could run really fast, and he's dealing in the sci-fi world,” executive producer Greg Berlanti said in August. “He had a sense of humor, and a sense of awe of the things that were happening to him, and around him. You put that all together, and you just get a brighter show. And we wanted to contrast it from 'Arrow' — and we were all big Donner 'Superman' fans. I've always felt that was the most iconic version of the bright superhero world.”

“The Flash” debuts October 7 on The CW.