The Gif gallery of “WHOA”

Hey you, over there. Hiding behind your laptop. Don’t be shy! Express yourself. Here, I’ve made it easy for you:

First up, a “Bill and Ted” “whoa”for occasions of genuine awe or bewilderment.

Lil’ Kim thinks you should be able to make out while simultaneously expressing a “whoa-whoa-whoa” reaction.


A “Matrix” Keanu “whoa” that says, “I am confused and a little bit stoned, but I still need you to know I’m in charge here.”

A sassy Aly & AJ “whoa,” because you do not have to deal with this shit.

A classic Joey Lawrence “whoa.”

This Hall & Oates “whoa” is a way to express that you have Tourette’s syndrome.

A spirited “whoa” from Black Rob that means business.

And finally, a double-whoa courtesy of “Finding Nemo” that is a conversation unto itself.