‘The Gunfighter’ Wonders What Happens When Characters Can Hear The Narrator

I will forever beat the drum that Hollywood needs more westerns because honestly there are only so many times I can say 'I'll be your Huckleberry.' I've not found the limit yet, but trust me I'm working on it. We need more wild west one-liners guys. Luckily 'The Gunfighter' is here to help. 

Voice over narration may have fallen out of favor with filmmakers as a lazy way of doling out exposition, but maybe it's time for a comeback. 'The Gunfighter' is a quick clever piece of meta comedy directed Eric Kissack and written by newcomer Kevin Tenglin. It is a promising debut that asks the question, “What if the characters could hear everything the narrator is saying?” The answer is a quickly escalating series of secrets usually reserved for the depths of our super secret inner thoughts we never share even with our best friends or therapists. 

Over the dulcet omniscient tones of Nick Offerman, the Gunfighter (Shawn Parsons) and the denizens of this nameless small town in the nebulous folksy time period of 'Wild West' deal with the fallout of having their every piece of dirty laundry suddenly aired before the entire saloon. 

Yes a nearly nine minute run-time is the Internet equivalent of the never-ending 'Gone With The Wind' sprawling epic, but if you watch one video this year that requires you to master your Internet ADD, let it be this one.

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.

[Via Short of the Week]