The Internet wants you to believe THIS is the title of ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

Another day, another Star Wars rumor. Today”s questionable piece of content comes from the bowels of the Internet – Reddit – and has to do with the subtitle of Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is currently in production. If you don”t want to know anything about the upcoming film, flee now. 

Potential spoilers after this point?

Two days ago, Reddit user JJSCat quietly dropped a 37-second video onto the “Star Wars Speculation” subreddit. With a din of noise implying a large public space, the video focuses in on a single poster against a red background. In the bold, unique text known across the world, it declares Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance. Nearer to the bottom, it says “Europe 2016: Star Wars Celebration.”

On its face, the poster seems plausible. Fall of the Resistance is a nice foil to The Empire Strikes Back, but look a little closer and things start to look suspicious (other than that it's an anonymous, unsourceable video on the Internet). First, there”s the starry background. I don”t know about you guys, but I think Lucasfilm would hire someone who could make space look less like someone used just copy and pasted the same two-star clusters over and over again. Maybe the same person they hired last time?

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Then there”s the coloration of the poster itself. While The Force Awakens teaser is in crisp yellow, the alleged Fall of the Resistance is faded out. On top of that, the Star Wars Celebration logo is exactly where “December” was written on the official TFA teaser. Overall, it looks like someone took the real poster and photoshopped this facsimile.

But what about the convention noise? A quick YouTube search for “background noise crowd” yields plenty of options. As we never see another person – nor was the poster photographed or recorded by any of the other people – it”s not hard to believe the audio was dubbed in after. Plus Star Wars Celebration 2016 isn”t until July. It”s hard to believe anyone would think they could put up a poster like this for two months and it wouldn”t spread like wildfire.

HitFix reached out to Disney/Lucasfilm to see if they could shed some light on the matter but received no official comment.

What do you guys think?