The MCP: Don Winslow guests on an Oliver Stone-themed podcast

The latest episode of the podcast is posting a few days past its due date, but I had a weird tech issue I had to sort out, so I apologize.

The good news is that the interview I did with author Don Winslow is about a half-hour long, and it’s a really great chat with a guy whose work is reaching an increasingly large audience with each new book, and who deserves the acclaim.  It’s always nice to talk to filmmaker or actors, but we don’t feature nearly enough in-depth conversations with writers, and this is a great example of what I’d like to do more often in the future.  Also, since the film’s already out, I don’t feel so bad about talking with Winslow about the ending of the movie, but be warned…  if you haven’t seen it, spoilers do ensue.

In addition, Scott and I have a lengthy talk about the work of Oliver Stone in general this week, and both of us were hardcore fans of Stone for many years.  It’s been frustrating for a while now looking at movies of his that just didn’t excite me, and finally having a new movie from him that feels like it’s worth the sort of excitement he used to generate every time out has been a treat.

We also talk about Andy Griffith, since we recorded this on the day he passed away, and I think we manage a great degree of reverence than we did when Ray Bradbury passed.  I do, anyway.  Scott’s just a monster.  I think we can all agree on that.

We discuss the first “Reacher” trailer, too, and Tom Cruise in general.  It’s a pretty loose and free-ranging conversation in general, and once I’m back from Comic-Con on Sunday night, we’ll be recording a wrap-up podcast where I talk to Scott about all the good, the bad, and the ugly that I’m sure I’ll encounter here in San Diego.

As always, you can find this on iTunes, or download it directly here.  If you like the podcast, every iTunes review helps other people find it, and I’d love to hear your reaction to the conversation with Winslow, who strikes me as a guy who we’re going to be reading for years to come.

“Savages” is now playing in theaters everywhere.