The Motion/Captured Podcast: Movie God, a new game, and a fear of overhype

I am filled with shame.

It turned into a big crazy week, and I ended up with this edited podcast sitting here on my desktop waiting to be posted, and I just plain never got around to it.

Now, hopefully, you’ll still enjoy the contents this week since it’s not tied to a particular release date.  We discuss this week’s new releases a little bit, but since I was still embargoed on “Apollo 18,” you won’t really hear me work up a full head of steam about how much I hated it.  Lucky you.

Instead, we spend a good chunk of time talking about the dreaded demon of “overhype,” and the way it can kill a good film by the the time an audience actually gets to lay eyes on it.  It’s on my mind right now as we gear up for the release of “Drive,” a very good film that my critical brethren are in danger of destroying for the general public because they’re pumping it up as the single greatest thing to ever happen in a movie theater.  Which it’s not.  And I worry about this when I’m crazy about a new movie like “Attack The Block,” and always working to strike a balance so I don’t make you hate something by the time I’m done talking about it.

We also introduce a new game this week, and I didn’t tell Scott what it was going to be until we were on the air and playing it.  It takes its title, “Remake This!”, from a column I used to do at Ain’t It Cool, and I think it’s an occasional game that will be fun to play as a way of trying to maintain some sanity amidst the barrage of our karaoke culture.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s show:

Introduction/Opening Music:  00:00 – 01:15
General chat:  01:15 –
Some pre-Toronto talk about Almodovar: 03:30 – 06:30
Can overhype kill a movie? Thoughts on ‘Drive’ and more:  06:30 – 22:00
Have You Seen This?:  22:20 – 33:20
Movie God:  33:20 – 45:50
Remake This!:  45:50 – 57:00
This Weekend In Theaters:  57:00 -1:04:00
Wrapping it up:  01:04:00 – 01:08:53

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Thanks, as always, for listening.