The movie formerly known as David O. Russell’s ‘Nailed’ has a trailer

Back in November, we reported that David O. Russell”s ill-fated, romantic satire “Nailed” would actually see the light of day, thanks to producers determined to reshoot, finish and release the picture in whatever marketable form they could. Now dubbed “Accidental Love,” the first trailer for the film plays like a goofy rom-com of the McConaughey-Hudson era, albeit with hints of Russell”s biting perspective. What was dead is now reborn… as something far more generic. Is this how Nicole Kidman felt in “Birth”?

“Accidental Love” follows Alice (Jessica Biel), the recent victim of a nailgun shot to the head, as she crusades to Washington D.C. in defense of all those afflicted by “weird conditions they can”t afford to fix.” Ditched by her fiancée (James Marsden), Alice hooks up with an eager, young politician (Jake Gyllenhaal) and antics ensue.  

Though he”s turned his attention to more traditional drama fare, Russell has a wicked, wacky side  (see “Spanking the Monkey,” “Flirting with Disaster,” and “I Heart Huckabees”). There are moments in the “Accidental Love” that can be traced to that sensibility – even Biel”s Jim Carrey-like spasms feel like the director's touch – but, boy, how bold white lettering and swooshing sound effects quickly turn what-could-be into an Adam Sandler vehicle. 'Accidental Love' is now credited to director Stephen Greene, who may be the man behind “Sexy Santa Poops Herself Prank” if IMDb is on point. That sounds about right.

Check out the trailer and the film”s poster below.

Accidental Love will be on VOD on Feb. 10, and in theaters on Feb. 20.