The post-Oscars ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ was full of awesome sketches

For those of you still watching ABC after the Oscars finally wrapped around midnight (or whenever they ended for people who dare not to live on the East Coast), Jimmy Kimmel Live's post-Oscars show made staying up late worthwhile.

There were star-studded skits! Watch as Tracey Morgan plays Clubber Lang, Jr. for the upcoming Rocky sequel, Clubber, starring Morgan and a few other boxing legends you might recognize. 

And Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reprised their Producers roles, but this time they're political consultants who realize that they could make more money backing a losing candidate than a winning one. But first, they have to find the worst candidate in history to back. Guess who they pick? Hint: the musical is called Trumped.

But I think the best part of the whole show was that Matt Damon managed to “sneak” onto it not once, but three times, getting the rare upper hand on Kimmel in a post-Oscars special.

Here he is ruining Guillermo's interview with Sacha Baron Cohen:

Hiding under best buddy (and Kimmel guest) Ben Affleck's coat to get a spot on Kimmel's couch:

And cameo-ing it up in a “deleted scene” from Batman v Superman that also features Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg, and Will Arnett: