‘The Simpsons’ Live Anniversary Show: 8 Clips That Will Make You Wish You Were There

09.14.14 4 years ago

In even more depressing news that I'm getting old, “The Simpsons” turns 25 this year – and to mark the occasion, Matt Groening and friends have been entertaining their asses off at L.A.'s iconic Hollywood Bowl all weekend. Didn't get to go? Sucks for you! Below are 8 YouTube clips that will make you wish you'd been there to “Do the Bartman” with awkward abandon.

The opening sketch

Oh boy, this must have been really exciting live. Boy.

Conan O'Brien sings “The Monorail Song”

But not before taking digs at the Bowl's season ticket holders.

“Weird” Al Yankovic performs “The Ballad of Homer and Marge”

Oh my god, he's famous again.

Yeardley Smith and Nancy Cartwright perform “Minimum Wage Nanny”

Still the definitive Mary Poppins parody.

Nancy Cartwright sings “Do the Bartman”

You knew it was coming! 1990 was awesome.

The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles performs “Spider Pig”

Only in America.

Jon Lovitz performs Troy McClure's “Planet of the Apes”

Phil Hartman would have approved, I think.

Hank Azaria performs “Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?”

a.k.a. the “Simpsons” song that lost the Emmy to Trisha Yearwood.

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